medical air transport


What makes us different?

What makes the difference with our company is the 'in situ' medical assessment of patients prior to repatriation by a specialist in intensive care, which guarantees an almost 100% safety during the transfer. Admission time in the ICU or hospitalization floor is shortened, certainly reducing the costs for the patients' insurance.

From the hospital of origin we carry out the transfer in medicalized ambulances with all the necessary and last generation equipment. We work with Emergentes24, a leading company in the ambulance transfer sector.

Air Medical offers a comprehensive service, our company is in charge of the entire process, reducing costs.

Medical aircraft

Commonly chosen means of transport for medical repatriations and urgent evacuations.

Medical equipment(s)

A team of professionals capable of attending to any type of medical emergency during the flight.


New generation electro-medical equipment; respirators, defibrillator monitor, etc.

Coordination of ground assets

Comprehensive and quality-accredited service for patient transport in air ambulances from start to finish.

Who are we?

Our team is made up of doctors and nurses with years of experience in healthcare in hospitals and ambulances, as well as in ambulance aircraft. The team is led by Dr. Laura de Carlos, a specialist in intensive care with more than 20 years of experience.

Medical repatriation means safety when it is carried out with Air Medical International.

A medical repatriation consists of the transfer of a person who has suffered an accident or is suffering from a pathology from a hospital to their country of residence. Our company is based in Mallorca, with repatriations by air ambulance to all of Europe and other parts of the world.

The island of Mallorca welcomes more than 10 million tourists a year, with a high number of repatriations for different medical or surgical reasons.

Our direct relationship with the different public and private hospitals on the island, as well as with insurance companies, minimises the time required to organise a transfer. Similarly, if the person requiring repatriation does not have insurance, we can take all the necessary steps to transfer them back, quickly and safely, to their country of origin.


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